• WATER SLEEVE is a dampening roller cover for offset printing based on quite new concept. Be able to use both as fungibles of moulton and as continuous dampening roller cover.


  • For moulton system : Solve all the problems of moulton such as fluff, dust, crease, moulton-streak, ink blot, late response, unable to clean a roller on the press, etc.

  • For continuous dampening system : Needless of alcohol, lessen cost, exile bad smell, and make free from law regulation. Also restrain rib-mark, prevent ghosting, and raise ink density.

Merits of Water Sleeve

  1. It is made of thin and strong tube form high density fabric. Therefore, no water streak caused by surface tension of water. Lint-free, long durability, and economical.
  2. It shrinks and fit to rubber roller adequately by pouring warm water. As it's made of close texture, no streak comes out.
  3. No ink blot, no emulsification, and good water control enable to have sharp dot and have good ink transfer.
  4. Quick response to water adjustment lessen spoilage.
  5. Needless of IPA even in continuous dampening system.
  6. Great synergy effect by using "Super Rinstamper".

Order method

  • Check the diameter and rubber length of your form roller. Choose required Water Sleeve from list below. (In choosing please add 100mm to your roller length)

    In case of pre-cutted type, 1 case contains 2 pieces and 1 bag contains 3 cases.
    Upon request, Techno Roll will provide nylon ties or drawstrings on both ends or on one end.


  • In case of continuous dampening system

    1. Choose "Water Sleeve" which fits to the diameter of your continuous dampening form roller. Needless of changing rubber or gringing of roller since thickness of "Water Sleeve" is 0.2mm(thin).
    2. Check the surface condition and size of your roller. Turn over "Water Sleeve" for 50cm and slide it down the length of roller. Thoroughly saturate the roller and make it shrinkable under warm water ( less than 50C) from center to both ends of roller ( keep 5 cm space at both ends) about 30 minutes.
    3. Pour "Super Rinsetamper" on the roller ( great effect on prevening dirt ), and make the roller surface smooth by using sponge. Then tie up both sides with nylon band.( this procedure is not necessary for small roller )
    4. Water Sleeve requires light roller settings both against the plate and chrome roller. Nip width of 3~4mm is recommendable. A heavy setting will cause ink contamination, bad influence on durability of "Water Sleeve" by twisting and tearing.
    5. Use "Super Rinstamper"(about 50cc diluted by 20 liters of water ) as dampening water, then you can grade up capacity of Water Sleeve and better printing quality.
    6. At the time of termination of printing, apply "Super Rinstamper" to the entire surface of sleeve roller and keep the surface of roller wet. By doing this enable to use "Water Sleeve" more effective and longer.
  • In case of conventional Moulton system

    1. Since thickness of "Water Sleeve" is 0.2mm it's necessary to change rubber and adjust diameter of a roller. Choose Water Sleeve which fit to the diameter of your rubber roller for moulton(plus 2.5mm to the diameter). ( No need adjusting diameter for roller using dampening sleeve of 3M.)
    2. Installation procedure is same as above (2).
    3. Considerably lighter setting of roller than moulton is required.
    4. As for cleaning, first stop dampening duct roller and set ink roller on the plate, then pour cleaning solvent to ink roller and dampening duct roller. The treatment after cleaning is same as above (6).

The installation procedure

  1. 1
    Take out of the case and turn it over.
  2. 2
    Set it to the roller, turn the end of cover inside.
  3. 3
    Slide down Water Sleeves of the Roller.
  4. 4
    Pour water or warm water.
  5. 5
    Tighten and knot both drawstrings or nylon ties around the journals.
  6. 6
    Pour Super Rinstamper and rinse by sponge.

"Water Sleeve" is a Joint development product of BASE LINE/JOMAC(U.S.A)and Techno Roll(Japan).