Hiroshi Nishiwaki

Techno Roll has been growing with our sincere respond to request from our customers. In offset printing field, Techno roller has been introducing rubber compound matched to UV printing, especially to low-power consumption sensitive UV printing (Trust for Inking, Lambda for dampening roller), special rubber compound (Hickey Picker) and special roller structure (Hickey Sweeper) to solve Hickey and Ghost trouble, to both domestic and international market. As Wero series enables to reduce ink consumption and Wero Speed enables to reduce heat generation, you can achieve an ideal balance between cost reduction and environment improvement.

And for plastic film and paper industry, we are offering special sticky rubber compound to remove from rough to invisible tiny dust and prevent static generation (Clean Dash), automatic dust removing machine (Dust Hunter), automatic roller cleaning device to remove monomer and oligomer caused while making plastic film (ARC-

By introducing machine with special function or structure and new rubber compound, we spare no effort in providing necessary assistance to our customers so that our customer can increase their product quality, reduce costs and build a brighter future.

Our policy

We will create original technology to be used worldwide.We will do our best to delight and satisfy our customers. We will take every opportunity to improve ourselves through our work.

Policy for ISO 9001

We keep providing the "Best Quality"for our customers.

Policy for ISO 14001 (Environmental Statement)

Techno Roll Co.,Ltd. always keeps Environmental law and keep seeking how to make progress in the quality of products. So as to eliminate defective products, so to lessen Environmental impact and load.