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NEWS RELEASE : Back Number

  • May 25, 2010
    TRUST DELTA used in World Expo
    Entrance tickets for 2010 World Expo in Shanghai China(start on May) are printed by TRUST DELTA rollers made by our licensee in China(SHANGHAI SBJ ROLLER CO.,LTD.)
  • May 01, 2010
    "TRUST BLADE" ------- Doctor blade for UV printing
    Most suitable cleaning blade for UV printing.
    "BOSS" ------ Impression cylinder
    BOSS has excellent pressure resistance and abrasion resistance. More than double tear-strength than regular high hardness NBR
  • Oct 01, 2008
    TECHNO ROLL was choosen as noteworthy company
    Our company was introduced by nation wide television and also introduced in books published by subsidiary of PANASONIC as one of 100 noteworthy small and midium size companies in Japan.
  • Oct 01, 2008
    Start New Business "Roller Exchange/Maintenance Service"
    Our new project team start "Roller Exchange / Maintenance Service" for printing machine in Tokyo. The new business is welcome by printers.Since this is a new trial around the world,we expect to widen out the business area sooner.
  • Sep 01, 2007
    "TRUST DELTA(δ)" ----Special resin roller for UV printing
    We upgrade TRUST BETA(existing type)
    Main upgrade point
    *Grade up ink fluidity
    *Speed-up washing time
    *Improvement in heat resistance and longer lifetime
    *Hardness stability against ambient air temperature
    *No stickiness up during printing and good dot reproduction
  • Aug 30, 2006
    "TRUST WL" ---- Antistatic roller
    Good choice if you have static electricity problems! TRUST WL will be able to solve your problems