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Name Techno Roll Co., Ltd.
Capital 25 million JPY
Founded September, 1979
Incorporated October 1, 1980
Board of Directors CEO, Chairman and President: Hiroshi Nishiwaki
Director: Eiji Asao
Director Head Office Sales Div : Masaki Uchikoba
Director General Affairs Div : Naoyoshi Hasegawa
Auditor : Masako Kuwahara
Head Office & Plant 3-4-5,Techno-Stage,Izumi City,Osaka, Japan Post Code 594-1144
TEL 0725 (53) 3933
FAX 0725 (53) 3922
Kanto Branch 2-3-6, Bijogi-Higashi, Toda City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan 335-0032
TEL 048 (449) 7333
FAX 048 (449) 7444
Number of Employees Approx.120
Annual Sales Approx. 2.4 Billion Yen (Sep 2013)
Banks References The Sumitomo Mitsui Bank Ltd., Izumi Branch
The Senshu Ikeda Bank Ltd., Mibayashi Branch
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd., Izumi Branch
Business Maker of printing rubber roll and related materials.Development and Maker of printing machine's device.Maker of industry's automatic dusts removal system.
Main Facilities Machinery for Industrial Roller Production / Machinery for Printing Rubber / Polyurethane Resin Roller Production Machines / PVC Resin Roller Production Machines / SILICON Roller Production Machines / Rubber Roller Press Forming Machines / Metal Roller Polishing Machines / NC lathe for precise grinding / Front Board Type Grinding Machine / NC milling machines / Flat Type Grinding Machines / Laser Inspection Machines for Roller Diameter / Moulton Sleeve Production Machine / Coater Machine for Testing / Automatic Dust Removal Machine for Testing / Solvent Recycling Machine / CAD machines for Designing Machine / CAD machines for Designing Electricity / Various Testing or Inspection machines
ISO 9001