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Case example of our licensee
Case in Korea
SAMHWA Industrial Co., Ltd. is a top can maker in Korea who produce made-up printed can for seaweed (share almost 100%) etc. from steel plate. The company first started self manufacturing of coating roller (TRUST roller) for their own use by the technical support of Techno Roll. Then expand roller business itself and sell coating rollers to same industry segment and developed printing market. Now roller business glow to establish SAMHWA Rollers Co.,Ltd.( roller exclusive ) and leading in printing market.
Case in Taiwan
YI TSAI ENTERPRISE was founded 1n 1990 and was first dedicated in manufacturing industrial rollers. In 1998, decided to expand business in printing field by promoting TRUST UV rollers and started production with technical support by Techno Roll. At present, become major roller supplier in Taiwan printing market, and now expanding other products of Techno Rolls technologies, such as dust removing rollers.


Case in China
Basch Group who promote Japanese printing machines in China market establish roller manufacturing company in Shanghai named Shanghai SBJ Roller Co., Ltd. and started production of PVC roller ( brand name RYNO) of American technology under technical support by Techno Roll. In 2001 start promoting TRUST UV rollers under license agreement. This company started roller business from zero and now become one of top ranking leading roller supplier in China.

Flow chart to start-up  ( Steps to start-up)
Following is a process to start-up by making License Agreement.
Flow chart to start-up  ( Steps to start-up)